Hi, I'm Shannon Clarke!

Software Developer, Electrical Engineer

A little about me

I'm an electrical & computer engineer passionate about the application of technology to empower individuals and improve the standards of health & living throughout the world. Currently, I'm developing solutions at Polymath! Polymath is leading the industry revolution to migrate trillions of dollars in securities to the blockchain!

Previously I co-founded startups such as CarePoint and enjoyed 7 years working as an electrical engineer in construction, design engineering and power generation. I'm available to chat if you have a special project you wish to discuss. (Please bribe me with coffee)


Experienced Supervisor

Supervised and managed the Plant Inspection department at Barbados Light & Power

Corporate Intrapreneur

Designed, led and implemented internal solutions which helped Barbados Light & Power to save $100,000s in pole maintenance and asset management expenses.

Raised Seed Capital

Raised seed capital for healthcare startups from Oasis500 and PitchItCaribbean

Community Driven

I'm an active volunteer to Caribbean health communities & stalwart advocate for the Caribbean developer community


Javascript (ReactJS, AngularJS)
BackEnd (Rails, NodeJS)
Organisational Skills
Communication Skills
Project Management

I've built a few apps...

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